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Daily Walk: 2.5 miles

I overslept a little bit today, so I took a little shortcut at the end of my standard circuit. That probably cut the milage to about 2.5 miles. Maybe more, I'm not sure -- I should take the GPSr out on a day when I plan to do the shortcut so that I can get an accurate milage reading for it. I did that in about 45 minutes -- I intentionally walked the circuit faster than I usually do. Today was a great walk -- I feel really invigorated now. As it turns out, I probably had enough time to walk the full circuit, but I'm satisfied with today's progress.

Feet feel great. I can also really feel my leg muscles starting to tone up. If I can keep up this rate, I think I'll be in good enough shape to get my bicycle tuned up in a few weeks and start riding my bicycle instead of walking. I'm really looking forward to that.
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