Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Church Today

I rode my motorcycle to church today. That was nice.

In Sunday School, we reviewed Psalm 104 and studied Psalm 105. I told the class how much I hated Daylight Savings Time. About half the class seemed the agree with me, the other half seemed to like DST. A few people really liked DST and said I was just being a grouch. Well, maybe I was being a grouch, but I still hate DST.

I did a couple more loads of laundry while finishing my Sunday School preparation this morning. I didn't finish it all last night because I spent more time that I though I would at the geocaching event yesterday, then sidelobe, yarbiedoll, and I all went to enjoy a Chinese dinner. The food was OK, the company was wonderful.

I think I'm in store for a pretty lazy afternoon. I can definitely use it.
Tags: church, dst, housework, motorcycle, sunday school

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