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Recent Geocaching

Geocaching profileI just woke up from my NASCAR Nap and pretty much exhausted all the aimless web surfing I'm interested in doing today. So I think I'll catch up on the LJ post that's been hanging out in my head for the past week. It'll be nice to get it out of my head so that I'll have room for other stuff.

Last weekend, I got back into geocaching in earnest. A couple of friends came to visit Saturday and Sunday from out of town, and they're geocachers, too, so we made a run at seven caches last Saturday. We found six of them. Since then, I've chased and found a bunch more. There are bunches and bunches still in town to get, too.

The one cache we couldn't find last weekend vexes me to this day. sidelobe and I went looking for it yesterday, and came up short again.

Several of the caches we found last weekend gave me some ideas for putting out my own cache. Maybe this fall, I'll release my own. I want to keep an eye on the traffic in the areas where I'm thinking of putting some caches to make sure they'll be appropriate locations.

drmellow at Center City Webcam, GreensboroThere's still a cache downtown that's giving me some grief. I've been to the location twice, but no luck yet. It's really fun looking for caches downtown -- you've got to be stealthy in order to avoid detection from other folks just walking around. I really saw that in action Friday evening, when I went downtown to hunt a few. It's lots of fun. Fortunately, there are still quite a few downtown that I haven't hunted yet, so I'm looking forward to getting them in the next several weeks. Also Friday night, I got my first webcam cache. yarbiedoll captured the picture from the computer at home while I went downtown to get on the camera. I'm in the bottom right of the picture -- I highlit myself to make it easier to see me. It was really fun getting this one at night -- I was holding a flashlight, and it' looks like I'm doing a Statue of Liberty impersonation.

Anyway, I've been having lots of geocaching fun in the past week.
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