Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Voice Post: Dr. Mellow Meets Some Of His Fans

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“Hey, everybody, it's Dr. Mellow. I'm here at the Derek Trucks show. It hasn't started yet -- it'll start probably in about an hour or so, but I gotta tell you a story. The weirdest thing happened while I was waiting in line to come in. I was standing here talking to a couple of my friends -- T-Bone showed up -- and we were just chatting about stuff in general -- shows we've seen and all sorts of stuff. And I overhear some folks sitting next -- standing next to us talking about this *really great website*. It's "Radio Dee Tee Bee Dot Com". I'm like "wait a minute, that's *my* website. I listened to what he had to say a little bit and he was telling his friends about how great it was -- you could download the music -- and it really made me feel bad that I haven't put out a podcast in... *months*. But, you know, all the legal stuff -- that's the way it goes. So anyway, I chatted with the fellow a little bit -- his name's Jim -- and we had a nice little chat. He loves the blues stuff. He was telling me "I love podcast #19 and #16" and I'm trying to remember what was on each of those. It was just crazy, but I'm like... an, this is what I used to do when I go to shows -- go and tell people about the podcast. And now here I come to a show and like, I'm not even saying anything about it -- someone else is telling people about it. That just made me feel kinda special and it made me wish that I could still do the podcast. So, it'll give me a little incentive to get #20 out. We'll see what I can do -- maybe when I get back from this weekend's DTB stuff. I'm going to be all fired up anyway, so it'll be a lot of fun.

Well, anyway, this is Dr. Mellow signing out. Take care.”

Transcribed by: drmellow

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