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Weekend Recap

Maybe I'm getting too old to chase my favorite band up and down the East Coast.

We had a busy weekend. It started on Thursday night when I headed to Raleigh to catch the Derek Trucks Band at the Lincoln Theatre. It was a great show, and fun to catch up with some of my fellow DTB friends. After the show, I headed back to Greensboro to catch a bit of sleep before heading to Maryland on Friday morning.

Profile for drmellowFriday morning, we got up and headed out to Maryland. We tend to time our visits to my parents/brother to coincide with when the DTB is playing in Washington or Annapolis. I got a little turned around coming into town, so we ended up going through DC instead of around it, but that wasn't too much of a big deal. We hung around at the house for a little bit and ccohoon showed up. Then we all piled in the car and headed out to look for some geocaches. Mom, Dad, and ccohoon haven't been out searching for them before, and all were interested in seeing what the deal was. When we got to the first cache, the terrain was a bit messy, so Mom and Dad guarded the car while the rest of use headed into the woods. yarbiedoll found it pretty quickly -- I dropped off a travel bug I had with me and picked up another one. After that, we headed to a second cache and all five of us went into the woods looking for it. Once again, yarbiedoll made the find. After that, ccohoon decided to run home as part of his marathon training while the rest of us went to look for a third cache. This was a high-risk urban micro cache and once we drove by the area, we decided to try again when there were fewer muggles about.

Saturday morning, we slept in a bit. My dad and I spent the day messing with his computer -- I helped him set up a backup schedule with his new hard drive. Everyone else went to Ikea. Saturday night was the DTB show at the 9:30 Club in DC. We got there in plenty of time, saw some folks we usually run into at the Atlanta shows, and made some new friends. Shannon McNally, who is AWESOME, was running late (apparently, it was her plane that was late) and only played an abbreviated set. It was really, really late when we got home and got to bed....

...But I still managed to pull myself out of bed by about 0610 Sunday morning, which gave me enough time to ride in to church with Dad, who unlocks the door and gets the church ready for services in the morning. Mom joined us later and I enjoyed a good service. The bell choir played, and it was fun to listen to the bells playing. I also got to catch up with the handful of people I still know from that church, which is always fun. Sunday afternoon, Mom, Dad, and I headed out for some more geocaches. Mom and I found one of the two we hunted while Dad drove us around. It was lots of fun, and it brought my geocaching total up to 50 finds.

I got back in time to take a quick shower before we all headed to a local sushi restaurant, where e_nizzy joined us. Everyone enjoyed it -- I think we got a few sushi converts in the trip. The coolest part was that our sushi came out in a big wooden boat. I should have taken a snapshot, but didn't think about it 'till after we ate it all.

After sushi, yarbiedoll and I headed home, and thankfully we were able to split the driving, with yarbiedoll taking the first and third shifts. It was about 0100 when we pulled in this morning.

Today at work was tough. Fortunately, it was a light day. I even was able to leave a little early so that I could take a nap before going to the Holy Week services at the local Moravian church. I woke up from my nap at about 1900 and almost didn't make it to church on time, but I did. A couple of people recognized me and we chatted a bit. I always wonder about how memorable I am when I show up to those services, because I'm usually with yarbiedoll (who wasn't able to make it tonight 'cause she was running late with some errands in Winston) and am there when the band is playing. It was nice that a few people recognized me, and I felt welcome.

After the service, I came home and went through my DTB photos from the weekend. I think I might have a few "keepers" in the bunch. Look for a post later tonight or tomorrow with links to a few galleries. The shots I took Saturday night were definitely better than the ones I took Thursday night -- it really helped that I figured out how to adjust the ISO to take better shots in low light.

Maybe I'm getting too old to chase my favorite band up and down the East Coast, 'cause I sure am tired. But it sure is fun.
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