Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

DTB Photos

I made a rough cut through the photos I took at my recent DTB shows, throwing away the photos that were just utter garbage. Perhaps if I get time, I'll go through and really do a number in Photoshop on one or two of the shots and make them look really good.

In the mean time, enjoy the two albums I created: Derek Trucks Band: 4/6/2006 and Derek Trucks Band: 4/8/2006.

Shannon McNally -- she opened for the DTB on 4/8/2006.

Derek plays with a broken string.

Those are all from the DC show. I only kept 16 of the pictures from the Raleigh show -- I wish I had a better understanding of how to take low-light pictures with the camera at the time. It's just really hard to capture anything in the dark when you're shooting with an ISO of 400.
Tags: dtb, photography

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