Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busy Day: Termite Control, Mowing The Yard, Walking, Washing Clothes, Working, Going To Church

I think I'll hit my normal sleep schedule tonight. I'm not going to end up taking a nap this evening, so I can probably go to bed at a decent time and resume my normal wake/sleep schedule.

I went in to work a little late today because we had the guys from Arrow come out to protect the house from termites. (We don't have termites, and we want to make sure that we don't get them. With an 80 year old house with lots of wood, I think we'd be a happy muching ground for the subterrainian dwellers.) They were great -- they showed up a half earlier than I was expecting them, they did a good job of putting the chemicals around the house, and it didn't take a long time. After they left, I went in to work and caught up with a handful of things that need catching up with before next week's release.

I was able to come home a little early again today, which was great because I wanted to mow the lawn. Since we were out of town for the weekend, I didn't get a chance to do that this weekend. The grass in the back looks good now. We still need to get our retaining wall fixed -- every time I mow, I notice it's worse. yarbiedoll is planning on taking some pictures of a wall that we like and getting back in touch with the landscaper to see if he can do our wall like the one she found a few weeks ago. I hope we can get it taken care of before we have too much rain.

After mowing the lawn, I dug a hole for yarbiedoll because she wanted to plant a plant that had been in a pot since before we moved. It hasn't died yet, so we'll give it a chance to flourish in the earth instead of in a pot.

I still had time to go for a walk after digging the hole, so I headed out to the greenway. Since I spent some time this afternoon mowing the lawn, I decided to take the abbreviated standard circuit, which is about 2.5 miles and took me about 45 minutes.

Now I'm updating my journal. In a few minutes, I'll head upstairs and take a shower so that I'm not all nasty for the worship service tonight. Then we'll head to church. Once we get home, I'll start doing the laundry. Again, since we were out of town this weekend, I wasn't able to do the washing. I'm near the bottom of the barrel for clean clothes to wear, so even if I don't do all the laundry, I'll do enough so that I have some clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow.

Then, off to bed at a normal time, with the plan being to get up in time to go walking before work tomorrow.
Tags: health, housework, walking, worship, yardwork

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