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Over the past 24 hours, I've watched Primer three times. Last night, I just watched it straight. This afternoon, I watched the two commentary tracks on the DVD. I really enjoyed it -- it's a complex film that really requires paying attention to it and keeping up with what's going on. Here's the Netflix summary:
An engineer builds a machine (quite by accident) that can transport the user back in time. But his discovery comes with an ominous caveat, because at the heart of this puzzling device, nothing is as it seems on the surface. The narrative inventively blends a patchwork story line with overlapping streams of dialogue that help build tension and suspense in this Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winner.
Yeah, it was pretty cool. I also spent some time hanging out in the official Primer web forums, which really helped to piece together some of the more intricate plot points for me. I've heard it said that if you like Donnie Darko (and who can't resist the magic that is embodied in Sparkle Motion), you'll like Primer. I think that's a fair assessment -- they're both interesting, complex films that are a bit outside the norm of what Hollywood puts out.

Anyway, check it out. It's pretty cool. I really seem to enjoy movies that deal with time travel, and the problems that naturally stem from time travel.

Even though I've already seen it three times in the past day, I think I might watch it again (without any commentary tracks) tomorrow before returning it.
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