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Pettigrew Grave Site

Flowers at Pettigrew Grave SiteI had a great time visiting family this weekend. Maybe sometime soon I'll get some time to write up a decent entry about the reunion. For now, I'll just do a quick entry about my ride back home. Mostly, this is just a placeholder too, until I have time to write a proper entry.

Besides the reunion, one of the other things I did this weekend was have fun with my GPSr -- this means geocaching and waymarking. I picked up 2 geocaches and about 20 highway historical marker waymarks. It really was fun reading the North Carolina history that is encapsulated on those highway markers. A couple of the markers I found in Washington County were related to two members of the Pettigrew family -- Rev. Charles Pettigrew and Gen. James Pettigrew. It turns out that they, along with several other members of the Pettigrew family, are burried about 8 miles south of those highway markers. So, on the way home from the reunion, I headed south of 64 in search of those graves. What I found was the Pettigrew family grave site, which is in Pettigrew State Park.

It was a pretty neat state park and I want to go back, maybe to do some camping and fishing.

I took a few pictures at the Pettigrew grave site. I even tried to be somewhat artsy by taking the picture included in this post, where I attempted to focus on the flowers in the foreground and have the grave stones slightly out-of-focus. I need more practice taking artsy photos. Anyway, other photos from my waymarking travels this weekend are in my NC Historic Markers Waymarking Photo Gallery, (which I'm discovering that I will likely have to subdivide further into county albums, as there are already 45 items in the album I have, and I haven't even really started). I've already put a few of this weekend's photos up, but I've still got a lot more to put up.
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