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Quick Gripe: No Time To Vote

Today's primary election day in my state. So far, I haven't done much research about what's on the ballot, but I'm planning on going to vote anyway. Even without any specific research, I'll recognize a few names on the ballot that I want to vote for. I'm even more sure that I'll find a few names on the ballot that I want to vote against.

I was planning on voting after lunch today, before getting back to the office for work. A couple of things conspired against me: the chicken sausage I cooked for lunch took longer to prepare than I anticipated and I had a hard deadline to be back in the office by since I had a meeting I needed to attend. So there was no time to vote on the way back to work. I did pick up my voter card, however, so I'll have it when I go to vote on the way home from work. I know I won't need it -- they rarely look at it. If they even look at any ID, my driver's license is always sufficient.

This will be the first time I've voted in a primary election since switching my party to "unaffiliated," so I get to choose which party's primary to vote in. I think I'll vote in the Republican primary, as I'm more familiar with the names on that side of the fence than the Democrat side.


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