Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Shopping For A Lawnmower

I was going to go for a bicycle ride this afternoon when I got home, but it's raining. So *bah*, maybe tomorrow.

It looks like we're in the market for a lawn mower. Thanks to the generosity of aunt_toad, I've been mowing the lawn with a borrowed mower, but she was ready for us to return the mower this weekend, so we did, along with the borrowed leaf blower and string trimmer (with upgraded head). We can get by without the leaf blower and string trimmer, but we're going to need a lawn mower. Barring that, we'll need a lawn mowing service.

So I've started thinking about what I'd like in a replacement mower. I've pretty much narrowed it down to two requirements: 1) mow the entire lawn whenever I think about the lawn mower, with no other effort on my part and 2) cost less than $50. I don't really see either of those requirements being met, so the mower we end up with will fall somewhere in between those extremes. Our front yard requires no mowing and our back yard is pretty small and flat, so we don't need anything fancy. As easy as the yard is to mow, we could get by with a simple push mower that isn't self-propelled or have an electric starter. The mower we had been borrowing was awesome, but our yard doesn't really warrant getting a mower that nice. Depending on the pricing of various models, we'll see how fancy a mower we get. If yarbiedoll gets home in time this evening, we might hit the Sears down the road just to see what they've got to offer. It'll be a good starting point, anyway.
Tags: cycling, yardwork

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