Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Tuesday Morning Bike Ride, Ivy

I had a somewhat disappointing bicycle ride this morning. Disappointing because of my own abilities. Instead of going on the greenway, I decided to ride through the neighborhood. I went a few blocks down the street 'till I got to the golf course and I pretty much circled the course. It was more challenging terrain than the greenway -- gentle rolling hills to work through the gears on. I was disappointed in my performance because I had to stop for a breather about 12 minutes into the ride. *sigh* I think I'm going to switch back to drinking pretty much only water. That'll help keep me better hydrated and will be much better for me.

The ride itself was beautiful. The fog coming off the lake was really cool, as was watching a couple of geese land on the lake. Some day, I'll have to get out early with a camera and take some pictures. It's cold this morning, so I put on my sweatshirt -- and I'm glad I did. I left my computer on the bike, and forgot to look at the statistics before coming in, but I think I rode about 25 minutes. Don't know how far. I'll try to remember to check that next time I ride that circuit. I'll also bring my GPSr so I can plot my course.

When I got back home, I just sat in my chair in the shop for a while, catching my breath and drinking the rest of my water. It felt good -- you know, the kind when your lungs are really bringing in chilly air. So, even with the disappointing ride, it was rewarding.

After I caught my breath, I decided to do a little yardwork and attack the English Ivy that's taking over the dogwood in the front yard. I grabbed the saw from the shed and went to cut up the vine. At the base, the vine was bigger around than my thumb, but not as big as my wrist. The tree looked top-heavy with ivy. The vine had a pretty good grip on the tree, so I sawed through it near the base of the tree and it separated from the trunk just a little. It was enough for me to grab a hold of it and pull it from the tree. So I started pulling the vine from the trunk -- it came off pretty easy once I got it going. There was also a lot of ivy just hanging down, so I grabbed it and tried to pull it out of the tree. It wouldn't budge, so I used the saw to cut off as much as I could. The tree is still top-heavy with ivy, but it's clear from the base to about six and a half feet up. The ivy that I cut and pulled out of the tree probably would have filled two wheelbarrow loads. I expect that the rest of the ivy in the tree is going to realize that it's starved for nutrition and wither up in the next few weeks. Hopefully, it'll fall out once it dries up. Otherwise, I'll have to see about getting a ladder or something to pull the dead ivy off.

Anyway, especially considering a somewhat disappointing bicycle ride this morning, I already feel good about today's accomplishments since I tackled that ivy problem.
Tags: cycling, yardwork

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