Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

DNF on a Cache, Twice

OK, here's the deal. I was watching American Idol last night and got a couple of email notifications for newly published geocaches placed near my house: A Walk in the Park and Hello Davie. Always excited about the prospect of being the first to find a newly placed cache, I decided to give a little night caching a shot, and convinced yarbiedoll to join me.

Well, by the time we left (we had to watch the rest of AI, don't you know), Hello Davie had been found and logged. That was the one I was more confident we'd be able to find at night, but that's OK -- we headed to A Walk in the Park instead, thinking that if we got a First to Find on it quickly enough, we could go downtown for the First to Lose on Hello Davie.

It was not to be. First, when we got to the park, I ended up parking in an inconvenient spot, which made us need to cross a creek. Not too big a deal. My hopes were also dashed when I saw a flashlight searching the area where the GPSr indicated the cache would be. Someone was going to beat us to it! As it turns out, by the time we got to the cache location, the other hunters had vacated. We missed them by 2 minutes, at most. I was a little disappointed, because I thought it would be fun to run into another geocacher looking for the elusive FTF at 2230 with a flashlight. I also thought that their leaving meant that they had successfully found the cache, and the FTF would be out of my grasp once again. yarbiedoll and I searched for a bit anyway, but once yarbiedoll pointed out that it looked like I was concentrating my search in the middle of a patch of poison oak, the enthusiasm waned. Eventually, we decided to pack it in for the night.

I came home and showered, hoping to rid myself of any poison oak I wallowed in. Then, I checked the cache page to see who it was that beat us to the find. As it turns out, it was probably bosley -- but according to the log he placed, he didn't find it either:
Looked but did not find. Tough one to do in the dark with all the ground cover, even with the streetlights. Will try again in the daylight. Thanks for the challenge.
My hopes lifted again! I thought that if I could drag myself out of bed early this morning, I'd have a chance to hunt it in the daylight before going to work. I left the following log entry:
I bet we saw bosley and company leaving the area when we were showing up. We saw a flashlight or two from a distance, anyway. When we got to ground zero, we heard a car door close, an engine start, and a car drive away. ;-)

Definitely agree with bosley re: difficulty at night (our hunt was at approx 2230) due to ground cover. I'm no botanist, by yarbiedoll says that part of that ground cover was poison oak, so future hunters might want to be on the lookout.

Personally, I'll try again when it's light outside.
So at 2330, I headed to bed, setting my alarm clock for 0530.

At 0200, my phone rang and I needed to go to work for about an hour.

By the time I got back home and settled down for going to sleep, it was about 0400. I pushed the alarm back to 0545 too help make up for the sleep I lost. Yeah, I know that's ridiculous.

I was out of bed, dressed and on the way back to the cache by 0600 this morning. I noticed that there were no further logs since my log last night, so I was very hopeful. The cache site is a quick drive from the house, and I spent about an hour hunting for it this morning. The poison oak threat didn't look as ominous in the daylight, but It was still there. Well, the only thing interesting I found in my hunt this morning was a young homeless (I assume) man sleeping on a nearby bench. With the feverish activity of local geocachers, I'm sure that someone else will come search for that cache today, and I expect they'll find it. So, my chances of a FTF on this one are pretty much out the window at this point. Here's the log I left this morning:
OK, I'm going to say that this is a good hide. I spent another hour searching this morning (0600-0700) and came up short. I finally decided that I *really* did need to get to the office this morning, so I temporarily threw in the towel. I thought the daylight would help me, and it probably did, but there are still too many good places to hide this one. As is often the case when I goecache, I got fixated on what I thought would be the perfect hiding spot and didn't find it there. I probably neglected equally as perfect spots in the hunt.

I was really hoping for a FTF on this one, but I don't think the luck of the cache is with me. It's going on my watchlist in the hopes that I'll be able to garner a clue or two from someone who is able to find it.

Thanks for the challenge. I'll be back!
I'll be keeping an eye on this cache listing, hoping to pick up clues from cachers who successfully find it. I will be back.

Now, it's time for a shower and I'll head to work. My mandolin lesson is this afternoon, and I've only practiced a little bit since my last lesson, so I'm going to have to take my lunch hour and "cram" for today's lesson. I might see about getting Hello Davie after my lesson.
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