Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Catching Up

I've been too busy lately to really do any LJ updating. I'll take advantage of the time I have now to do some updates while watching American Idol.

Work had been kicking my butt throughout most of May. I got assigned to the nightmare project for developers: unknown requirements, zero time for design, and a hard deadline. Plus, I couldn't even write my own code -- I had to use a year-old script that no one really knew how it worked and just get it running. *sigh* In the end, it worked out, but it left me worn out, especially since it involved a call at 0200 one night.

Fortunately, this is a good week at work. I'm taking a training class. That means that project work is pretty much stalled. After the past several weeks, this will be a welcome break. Of course, I fully expect that once the class is over, I'll be backed up again with project work. But I'll deal with that Friday.

We had the tree people come out and cut the dead stuff out of the huge tree in our front yard. I'm glad that's taken care of now -- some of the dead stuff up there was potentially dangerous. yarbiedoll found a good company to come out and take care of it -- Bill's Tree Service. We highly recommend them. yarbiedoll stayed home today to oversee the work and posted a few updates throughout the day: when they started, when they cut down the neighbor's magnolia, lunch break, and the satisfaction with the results. Read her posts for the fascinating story of clearing out a tree. It's pretty cool.

I need to get in touch with the home warrantee people and an electrician to do some work on the light fixture in the stairwell -- I think some of the wiring might be loose. One of the light bulbs exploded a few days ago. The other one is constantly flickering. I flipped the switches so that the light's off, and taped the switches so we don't accidentally try to turn on the light between now and when I can get around to looking at the wiring from the attic myself, and probably deciding to hire a professional. I spent a summer working for an electrician, and if this wiring is some of the older wiring in the house, especially since the walls are plaster, I would rather pay someone to replace the wiring than do it myself. Well, if the home warrantee will cover it, anyway. If I have to pay full price for an electrician, it might end up being worth it to do it myself. Maybe. It would be close.

I've still got a big pile of minor to-dos. I need to catch up with some paperwork at home. I need to record the Edgecombe County historical marker waymarks. I need to get back to the basement and do some more cleaning. I've been lent a book that I need to read so I can return. I have a phone call to return, but I can't return it until I decide whether or not I want to accept the request to be a Prayer Group leader at church.

So I'm going to continue being busy for a little while. But at least it's easing up on me a little.

Now, American Idol is over. I'm going to shut the computer down, pop some microwave popcorn, and watch Wall Street, which I've never seen before.

Good night.
Tags: housework, work, yardwork

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