Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

How Bad Do You Have To Go?

With a hat tip to meep, I present a crazy story about students getting extra credit in high school for not going to the bathroom:
How Bad Do You Have To Go?

Even though Daniel Thornton occasionally needed to go to the bathroom during his AP history course last year, he also needed a B on the midterm to maintain his grade. So he did what lots of students at Forest Park Senior High School in Woodbridge do in their Darwinian pursuit of academic success: Thornton endured a full bladder and instead hoarded his two restroom passes, which, unused, were worth six points of extra credit.

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I wish they had a program like that when I was in high school -- I could have used the extra credit, and my powers of bladder control are amazing. Later in the article, they do mention my high school:
Sometimes a game of cloak and dagger ensues. At Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Prince George's County, some students have gotten in trouble for swiping blank passes off of teachers' desks and forging teachers' signatures, said Robynne Prince, an assistant principal.

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Hrm.... Swiping blank passes and forging teachers' signatures? No, I never did that, but I sure did know who to go to if I ever needed a pass like that.

Best quote from the article?
We can vote. We can go to war. We should be able to pee whenever we want.
It's good to know that the Washington Post is taking up the cause of letting the world know about this pressing concern in our educational system. Student rights are being trampled. Students are getting academic recognition not based on not only how well they can actually learn stuff, but also on how well they can control their bladders. I wonder if amazing bladder control is going to be a skill that pays of well for these students in the future. For their sakes, I sure hope so.

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