Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Caught Up With Paperwork!

I had a successful lunch today. The food itself was nothing terribly exciting -- just a couple bowls of cheap Ramen Noodles -- but what I accomplished was exciting. I finally got caught back up on lingering paperwork that I've been letting fester in a folder on my desk. All the bills are paid. All the receipts are entered into Quicken. All of the bank statements are reconciled. All the letters I've been meaning to send are sent. The only things left in my "to-do" folder are copies of paperwork related to rebates that haven't arrived yet and a few papers I need to take the safe deposit box. It's been a long time since my to-do folder was this empty.

My e-clutter is also dwindling. I think my personal INBOX is down to about 12 messages, my work INBOX is at about 15 (but will be at zero by the time I go home tomorrow), and the webmaster account for the website I administer is at zero. The "to file" folder on my home computer only has about a dozen files and folders in it, down from about fifty last night.

I'm uncluttering, and it feels good.

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