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Quick Cache Hunt

I just got back from a quick geocache hunt for a nearby cache, where I was excited to claim First To Find. The email notification that the cache had been published came at about 1930 this evening and I noticed it in my mailbox about 10 minutes later. By 1945, I was out the door -- the cache is less than two miles from my house, so I really wanted the FTF honor. A little bit before 2000, I had found the cache and entered my name on the log. It was hidden near one of my favorite downtown dining establishments, so it was pretty easy for me to find it.

Eight more finds and I reach the 100 finds milestone. I should be able to get that by the end of the month without too much of a problem.

ETA: I got an email from the second finder, who showed up only six minutes after I did! If he hadn't got caught in a little traffic on the way or if I didn't leave the site immediately after signing the log, we would have no doubt met each other at the cache site. I should have stuck around a few minutes to see if anyone else showed up, but I thought The Closer came on tonight at 2000, so I hurried back home to catch it. As it turns out, The Closer didn't come on 'till 2100.


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