Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Monday Evening Routine

I think I'm going to establish myself a Monday evening routine. I'll run through it tonight and see how it goes. I've usually got Monday evenings to myself since yarbiedoll often doesn't get home 'till close to bedtime, so it's an opportunity I have to catch up on stuff that I need to do.

Monday evening is going to be "mow the lawn" evening from now on. I just got in from mowing the lawn and it looks pretty good. Now I'm all hot and sweaty, so I'm going to have to jump in the shower and clean up.

But that makes a good segue into the next Monday evening activity: laundry. I've just generated some dirty yardwork clothes by mowing the yard, so I think this will make a good time to wash them, as well as all my other clothes. For a few months, I've been trying to turn Saturday into laundry day, but that just doesn't seem to work out for a variety of reasons. It looks like laundry day is going to have to be a day during the work week, so I think I'll go ahead and make it Monday.

While the laundry is going, it's a great time to catch up on bill paying and other paperwork, email, maybe blogging, etc. I can also use the time to work on any computer-related projects I'm working on: right now, I'm working on two main projects -- my video documentary about my grandfather, and trying to get Radio DTB back off the ground.

TV for Monday nights consists of The Closer and maybe Saved, which I'll enjoy watching as I'm folding clothes and eating an easy-to-prepare supper of some sort.

Most of these are tasks I have traditionally thought of as doing on the weekends, but moving them to a weeknight will really help make sure they get done every week, as my weekends tend to be more fluid since different things always seem to pop up. This could be a pretty reasonable routine that will help keep me from falling behind on several pretty important things: mowing the lawn, laundry, and household paperwork. Let's see how it works tonight and whether or not it'll stick.
Tags: documentary, housework, radio dtb, yardwork

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