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Monday Evening Routine, Take II

Overall, my Monday evening routine looks like it's going to work. I need to make a couple of modifications. First, I need to make sure to put a load of laundry in as soon as I get home, before mowing the yard. I always underestimate how long it takes to do laundry. As a result, last night, I didn't get all my loads done, and it was still after midnight before I went to bed. If I let the washer do part of its magic while I'm trimming the grass, that will help a lot. Second, I'm more tired on Monday evenings than I think I am. That didn't bode well for tackling any project work, as I kept falling asleep for quick naps. This might go away if I finally get a reasonable sleep schedule re-established.

Anyway, I had a pretty productive evening yesterday, but not as good as I hoped. Tonight, I should be able to finish the things I wanted to finsh.
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