Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Employee Theft at Australian Mint

From Bruce Schneier's Blog (syndicated on LJ as bruce_schneier (full article) and bruce_schneier (summary)): Employee Theft at Australian Mint.

The article about the theft at the mint is interesting. More interesting is the comment in Schneier's blog by Clive Robinson about how the Royal Mint in England used to deal with theft:
Back when Sir Isac Newton (who invented the milling on coins) was in charge of the Royal Mint in England, they had an interesting set of rules to deal with theaft etc.

1, An employee who was caught stealing got executed the most painfull way (Hang drawing and quatering) which was usually reserved for trators.

2, The employee's supervisor was publicly Gelded and Gouged, a delightfull little punishment that involved having one's testiculs pulled (not cut) off and one's eye's pulled (again not cut) out. This was the punishment usually reserved for stealing the King's deer, very suprisingly a number of people did survive it...

Ah the old days where best...
I like the fact that the employee's supervisor is highly motivated to make sure that none of the employees are stealing. It reminds me of the NYPD Blue episode I saw where some of the low-level workers in a drug distribution operation (responsible for packaging the drugs from a large quantity to small quantities) were required to work naked so that they wouldn't be able to easily smuggle any of the product out of their workplace for their personal use.
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