Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Boot Repair Via Duct Tape

A few weeks ago, I was going to go geocaching. When I went to put my boots on, the sole started to come apart from the heel. It wasn't just a minor separation, it was really coming off. Because the sole was glued, not stitched, it wasn't worth attempting a repair via the shoe repair shop.

Instead of throwing them away, last night, I pulled out my trusty roll of duct tape and repaired them myself. Until I wear off some of the tape from the bottom of the boot, it's a bit slippery -- I've removed most of the traction. But I think that if I wear the boots for a few days, it'll wear off to the point where it's OK.

Regardless, any further use I can get out of these boots keeps me from having to buy another pair soon.

After finishing the boot repair via duct tape, I asked yarbiedoll if there was anything else in the house that needing repairing. I think she was excited to hear my offer until I added "with duct tape." Apparently, there are no pressing duct tapable repairs to be made at Briarcliff right now.

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