Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Saturday Chores

I'm having a good Saturday. Going back to work last week after a week and a half vacation wasn't a picnic, but it wasn't terrible, either. As expected, I'm already behind schedule on my project. That just seems to be the way we're doing things now -- more work than we can really handle working "normal" hours. *shrug* I buckle down, work hard, and hope that we either get more people, less work, or longer deadlines soon. The work I do is still mostly enjoyable, and the folks I work with are great, so I'm not one to complain much.

Anyway, today's the first day in a few weeks that I've really got to tend to household chores. I got up early this morning and did my Disciple homework. It was still too early to crank up the mower, so I called my parents and chatted with them for a while. After getting off the phone with them, I went outside and mowed the yard. It really needed it after about two and a half weeks of neglect. It looks good now, though.

After mowing the yard, I cleaned out the accumulated silt from the window wells on the side of our house. During the rain earlier this week, it sounded like one of our pumps was working harder than it should need to work, with little result. I thought maybe it was clogged a little. Hopefully I cleared anything that was causing a problem. The window wells are cleaner, anyway. I'll check it out next time it rains to see how the pump is working.

That seemed like enough outside work for the day, so I've retired to the inside for the rest of my daily plans. I just put a load of laundry in the washer -- I should be able to easily finish all my laundry today. In addition to laundry, I'm going to catch up with household paperwork -- bills and the like, mostly. Maybe I'll try to file some of my paperwork that I've been letting stack up in a pile instead of properly filing. There's always stuff in the basement I can go through in the never-ending attempt to declutter the house.

Later this evening, I'm planning on going downtown to see Who Killed The Electric Car?. It looks like it'll be an interesting documentary. As a bonus, it appears to put a nice conspiracy theory forward, and I always love a good conspiracy theory.

Right now, I'm watching The Art Of War on TNT while I putter around the living room. So far, it's enjoyable enough. International espionage always has the possibility of making a good story. I was planning on putting my Space Ghost: Coast To Coast DVDs in, but this caught my attention (and kept it) before I had a chance.
Tags: housework, movies, yardwork

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