Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Phantom Of The Opera: TONIGHT!

To all you local folks -- don't forget that tonight is Phantom Of The Opera night in downtown Greensboro. It's the 1925 version with Lon Chaney -- the silent film. And they're having a real live pipe organ and organist provide the music for it! How cool is that?

So, forget trick-or-treating and come downtown for a great movie and a great time.

I don't know how crowded it will be or anything. You can get advance tickets if you're worried -- just call or stop by the Carolina Theatre box office. I'm hoping that there will be enough time after work and before the movie to grab a bite to eat and still be able to get good seats for the show. If not, I'll just plan on getting a quick snack before the show and maybe heading out for supper afterwards.

Let me know if you're coming to the show, and we'll try to hook up for snack/supper/whatever either before or after the show!

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