Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Lemonade Out Of Lemons

It's easier to get up and go walking in the morning when I get a call from work at 0515 to assist with a software installation. I couldn't immediately help on the phone, so I went to the office. It turns out that it was something that I couldn't really help with anyway, but we didn't figure that all out until about 0630.

Cool, so I come on home with plenty of time to take my walk and still be back at the office before I usually get in, even throwing in a little time to write this LJ post. Today's walk was interesting -- I felt like I was going faster (just a little) than I have been lately, but it turns out I was going a little slower. *shrug* I still feel good. I also donned a new pair of shoes today -- no, not good running shoes. My original pair of Starbury Cyclones are really ready to be pitched. No time to really write about that now, but look for an update on them soon. (Overall impression: I think I'm satisfied with them, but I'm not sure.) Anyway, I had a second, brand-new, pair of Starburys lying around, so I donned them today. That was just fine.

Even so, I'm going to buy real shoes this afternoon.
Tags: health, marathon, starburys, walking, work

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