Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Valentine's Day

Earlier this week was Valentine's Day, and yarbiedoll made it a really cool one for me.

First, she prepared a wonderful breakfast: cereal in heart-shaped bowls, eggs, heart-shaped waffles, and tea. I actually couldn't eat it all. And she had a bag of Valentine's goodies for me, too: several bags of my favorite mint tea (the mint tea we can get at McCoul's) and the cool tea bags they use at McCoul's as infusers. Also, a cool blues from around the world CD.

The basement flooded over night, so after breakfast, we spent a couple of hours vacuuming up a couple hundred gallons of water and rescuing some of the things that got wet. (The flood was worse than the usual annoyance because one of the window well pumps failed.) After making a chunk in the flood clean-up, I went on to work, while yarbiedoll finished all the clean-up, including drying out a stack of my awards (Eagle Scout related) that ended up getting soaked in the flood. When I got home, they were all dry and placed in a notebook for better storage and display.

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