Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Resuming Running

I didn't do any marathon training last week. It's OK, I tell myself, I was sick (with a cold) most of the week. Besides, I did a pretty good job of continuing my training while I was on the cruise.

So I resumed my training today. I just picked up where I left off, as if I hadn't skipped a week. I'm still early enough in my training that I can do that without much problem. It was cold, but that kept me motivated to keep moving. It kept me unmotivated to drink my water, though, which was a mistake. Not a bad mistake, but still....

I think I settled into a good running pattern for me for the next week or so: run 0.25 miles, walk 1 minute. My running will always be a combination of running and walking -- the improvement will be in lengthening the distance between walk breaks, and then shortening the walk breaks. Ultimately, I'm thinking maybe something like run 1.0 miles, walk 30 seconds. We'll see -- that goal's quite a way off at this point. At my current pace, today's goal was to run for 30 minutes. I ended up running for about 31 minutes, which I consider to be right on target. When the miles were counted, I came in at 2.3 miles. (I'm finding it really helpful for my recordkeeping to run with my GPSr.)

As usual, I started running too fast. I recognized that pretty quickly, though, and did a decent job of throttling myself before I got too far into the run. By the time I finished, I think I had established a good pace. Let's see if I can remember that pace when I run again on Wednesday.

It's pretty amazing: even after skipping an entire week, just by getting back into it today, I'm feeling really good and really excited about this again.
Tags: health, marathon, running

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