Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

The bloodletting

No, I'm not referring to my company, who should be making an announcement probably concerning layoffs today or tomorrow. Instead, I'm talking about my donating blood yesterday.

It was my eighth donation, and in a few ways, it was like my first. They had problems finding a vein. All three nurses had a shot at it. And by the time they were done, both my arms had been stuck.

Normally, it's difficult to find a vein on me and I always warn the nurses. It's not too bad, 'cause I don't mind getting stuck with needles. So I always present myself as an opportunity to hone your pricking skills. Well, the folks yesterday were wary of digging around in my arm for a vein, but the third one tapped me pretty easily.

Here's where it was a little different. Usually, once tapped, I flow like a river. It seems yesterday that in order to have my blood flow, the needle had to be positioned in a very particular way. A way that it kept twisting out of. So it was pretty slow going. So slow, in fact, that my blood clotted before they were able to fill all those little vials they use for testing. That's when they went to my other arm. A little prick and three or four tubes later, I was done.

No big deal for me, but I think the nurses were very happy to see me go. I ended up with a dark purple bruise about the size of a quarter on my left arm and a similar bruise about the size of a dime on my right. It's a shame that my blood isn't very special -- A positive -- 'cause it's sometimes an awful lot of work to get it out of me.

Anyway. Eight donations down. I'm eligible in another eight weeks.

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