Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Cruise: Day One, Continued

OK, I didn't write more last night. We ended up playing the bean game until 0100 and I was bushed when I got back to the cabin, so I just went to bed. It's about 0730 on Monday right now. I'm waiting for yarbiedoll to finish getting ready for breakfast, so I figure I'll take a few minutes to write a little more. The ship is really rocking, it's pretty cool.

Supper the first night was great. I had jerk chicken, which was very yummy. All six of us are meeting every night to have supper together. That's working out great -- no matter what we want to do throughout the day, it's great to meet up each evening for a meal. My mother has been taking pictures of all the food and presentation. I expect we'll have a slide show of some sort that is just food.

After supper Saturday night, we had a little more time to hang out before going to the evening's show. Saturday's show was a preview of the two shows they'll be showing this week. It looks like there's a Broadway review, which we may or may not see. The other show is a comedy juggling team, which I really hope that we end up catching later this week -- they were really funny and entertaining.

After the show, we took a little more time to explore the rest of the ship. We saw the weight room, sauna, and outdoor track. We headed up to the disco for the opening night of dancing. The disco is called "Frame 52" and we decided that the 52 means you have to be at least that old to enter. They were playing beach music, and yarbiedoll and I danced a quick shag, but we all decided to leave before too long. We headed to the forward section of the ship, where there was another club-type area. At this club, we had Champagne Duo. They were enjoyable and all four of us danced a lot more. It was a woman singing and a man playing the synthesizer. It was especially cheesy. Lots of fun. The woman had a very noticeable Argentenian or Brazillian accent, which came through with great flair as she belted out eighties music. It was a hoot. ccohoon has a slightly different take on the whole cheesy dancing spectacle.

After their show, we headed back to the cabin. I spent some time reading through some of the ship's literature. Then I got hungry, so I made an expedition for some late-night pizza. I found the pizza, but it wasn't very good. *shrug* It took the edge off enough. yarbiedoll ordered us some room service for breakfast and we went to sleep watching Finding Nemo.

OK, yarbiedoll's ready for breakfast, so I'll come back to update about yesterday's activities later.
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