Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Cruise: Sunday, Day Two

Ah, Day Two. The first day of being on the ship all day. Lots of fun: room service, running, dancing, eating, games.

I woke up sometime after 0800, I think. I didn't really feel like going back to sleep, so I turned on the TV. To my delight, 16 Blocks was just getting ready to come on. So I watched that. yarbiedoll woke up a little bit in to the movie and enjoyed it with me, too. Near the middle of the movie, our room service arrived. They were smart -- they called us before bringing it to us. That gave us a chance to wake up if we were asleep, or let them know we weren't in the room if we weren't in the room. The food was good, but they didn't bring everything we ordered. Notably, yarbiedoll ordered hot tea. They brought her hot water, but no tea. It was especially funny when we later found out that ccohoon also missed part of his hot drink -- they brought the hot chocolate packet, but neglected to bring hot water.

About 1030, all four of us met to go running. olga_ukraine took off like a jet airplane, while yarbiedoll, ccohoon, and I held back and established a slower pace. Eventually, we all settled into our own paces and had a good run. I ended up running two miles in about 35 minutes. (My "running" is still a walk/run combination.) I was happy with that, especially since I hadn't run since Tuesday.

After running, we all went back and got ready for lunch at 1200. It was wonderful -- all you can eat sushi for $15! (That's fifteen dollars with great excitement, not fifteen factorial dollars.) I ended up having five trays -- each tray had a combination of several different kinds of sushi. YUMMY! We kinda rushed though lunch because we wanted to go to the merengue dance lessons at 1300. That was lots of fun, too!

After the dance lessons, I just kinda wandered about the ship for a while, exploring. I stopped in at the art auction and watched them not sell a lot of paintings. I eventually picked up one of the books I brought with me for the week and nestled into a little nook on the port side of Deck 5. After a little while, my mother was walking by and joined me. A few minutes later, my father did, too. And so did ccohoon and olga_ukraine. We pulled out my dad's GPSr and had it tell us where we were (near West Palm Beach) and how fast we were going (about 21.3 mph). It was starting to get close to supper time, so I headed back to my stateroom to change.

Supper last night was in the other dining hall, and was really yummy. I had one of the best steaks I've had in a long time. My mother took pictures of all of the food again. ccohoon is getting into the habit of ordering two desserts -- he told us last night that was going to be his trademark for the cruise.

After supper, we all parted company again. My dad went to watch the Super Bowl. yarbiedoll and I hung out in our stateroom for a little while. About 2100, we got together with ccohoon and olga_ukraine to play some games.

We played the bean game until 0100 this morning.

I was exhausted, so I fell right asleep almost as soon as I got back to the stateroom, even though I was thinking that a slice of pizza would taste really good.

Oh, wow. I'm almost caught up. I'm only ten and a half hours behind, and six of those hours were spent sleeping! I'll probably have enough time to write a little bit more before yarbiedoll and I head out for lunch. But I'll start a new entry to do that.
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