Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Fried Oreos

That's right, my friends. Fried Oreos.

My wife and I drove to Raleigh to go to the State football game and the State Fair this past Saturday. The football game was fun (albeit a poor showing for our team) and the fair was awesome. We rode all the cool rides. We played some of the cool midway games. We ate some awesome Fair Food(tm).

And we had Fried Oreos. Conceptually, it's a Bad Idea(tm) to even think about frying Oreo cookies. But I talked to the vendor and she convinced me that it was a Good Idea(tm). You take a cookie, dip it in batter, and drop it in hot grease. The heat melts the chocolate and creme and it all blends together for a wonderful taste combination. People who have had Fried Oreos before consistently and purposefully seek out the Fried Oreo vendor. Because They're That Good.

They're not.

It tasted somewhat like a chocolate donut hole. But with a nasty texture where the cookie melted. I'm not sad that I had them -- how many people do you know that have eaten Fried Oreos? But I won't be buying them again.

However, all in all, a great day at the game and the fair. After the drive back to Greensboro Saturday night, teaching Sunday School came waaaaay too early.

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