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Greg Cohoon

Cruise: Monday, Day Three (At Sea)

Day Three: Another day at sea. Another day filled with fun activities like running, eating, dancing, and other stuff.

So I set the wake-up call for 0700 this morning because I wanted to be on the track, running, at 0900. I contemplated having the wake-up call come in another language (in addition to English, I could choose French, German, or Spanish), but I settled for English. Perhaps another day, another language....

I was slow moving this morning, and the noticeable gentle rocking of the ship tried to keep me in bed. But I worked through it and got up. I coaxed yarbiedoll into getting up, too. We headed up to the dining area on Deck Ten about 0745, where I got a yummy omelet and a pretty yummy waffle. Later, when I saw Dad, he said that he had French Toast. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for that later this week. We enjoyed our breakfast at a table right next to the forward window, so we had a great view of where the ship was going (through the water, between Florida and Cuba) and how rough the water was (rough enough to create whitecaps and noticeable rocking). I later saw that the crew had placed vomit bags in the stairwells -- I think that was a good idea, even thought I haven't seen anyone needing to use it.

After breakfast, I came back to the stateroom to change into my running clothes and stretch. I headed up to Deck Seven by 0900 for my morning run. Two and a half miles in 33 minutes. Instead of rotating a minute running with two minutes walking, I did my walk breaks by distance -- I ran three-quarters of a lap, waked a quarter, plus walked the entire final lap. My pace was doable, but still too fast for what I need to be training at. I also got some good unexpected hill training in today as I battled the rocking motion that this morning's swells created. All in all, it was lots of fun. Every time I ran down the port side of the ship, I got to look at Cuba. The final couple of laps, I noticed Dad sitting inside, so when I finished running, I went to go chat with him a bit. A few minutes later, Mom joined us. I left my shoes and water bottle with them and went to spend ten or fifteen minutes in the sauna -- AWESOME! I had it all to myself and really enjoyed it.

After the sauna, I chatted with Mom and Dad a bit more, then headed back to the stateroom to get cleaned up. yarbiedoll had been napping during my run, so I woke her up. We got cleaned up for the day and headed upstairs for lunch. As usual, we ran into family again. Mom and Dad had already had a plate of ribs and chicken, while ccohoon and olga_ukraine were getting in line about the same time we were. The ribs were really yummy, the chicken was yummy, and the grilled vegetables were really yummy.

Once again, we found ourselves eating and running for lunch because, once again, we wanted to go to the dance lessons. Today was rhumba! Even more fun than yesterday. After some rhumba lessons, I went to go buy a bathing suit since the one that I already own is really ghetto. This new bathing suit is really fly.

After that, yarbiedoll and I headed up to Deck Eight for some ping-pong, but when we got there, decided not to play. Instead, yarbiedoll laid in the shade for a bit while I went up to Deck Ten to enjoy a cigar. Just before I was about to light the cigar, the captain decided to drive the ship through a rainstorm. Well, maybe he didn't decide to do that, but that's what happened. So I enjoyed my cigar under a bit of shelter from the rain. Just as I was finishing the cigar, we made it out of the storm. It really was pretty fun to have the rain coming down all around me. It's warm enough down here that the rain just makes you wet, not really cold.

After finishing my cigar, I picked up a little snack (a hot dog and a hamburger) and headed back to the stateroom, where I found yarbiedoll napping. I woke her up so that she'd have plenty of time to get ready for tonight's formal dinner. We watched a little March of the Penguins while we were getting ready. Since it doesn't take me as long to get ready, I took a little nap, too.

Everyone got all dressed up for formal night and we met at one of the main dining rooms about 1930 for supper. We took lots of pictures of each other, and even got someone to take a picture of all six of us. Then, we headed for supper at about 2000. It was YUMMY! So yummy, that four of the six of us decided to get two entrees -- both the lobster and the beef wellington! That's when we decided that we're going to attempt a herculean feat later this week -- three complete supper sittings. We're going to attempt to dine in three of the restaurants in one night, and have (at least) one selection from each section of the menu (appetizer, soup/salad, entree, dessert). It will be a challenge, but I think we might be up to it. We'll have fun trying, anyway.

After supper, we headed of for the night's show at 2200. It was a singing/dancing revue, concentrating on cities around the world. It was enjoyable. And it solidified my thinking that I wasn't up for much other activity tonight, especially since we're planning on getting up early tomorrow to take the most advantage of Grand Cayman as we can.

So, I headed back to the room. Before getting ready for bed, I spent a few minutes loading up Dad's GPSr with potential geocaches for Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Key West, and Charleston. I don't know if he'll go look for any of them, but he's got the option if he wants. After that, I spent a few minutes looking over the daily cruise paper to read up on tomorrow's activities a bit. All this time, I've had All The King's Men running on the TV, but I haven't been able to watch it. Maybe I'll catch it sometime later this week. If not, I'll Netflix it -- it looks kinda interesting. I've spent the last few minutes finishing composing this blog entry.

Well, that wraps it up for tonight. I'm tired. I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I don't know if/how I'll work in my running tomorrow, with our stop at Grand Cayman in the mix. I suppose that if nothing else, I can run on the treadmill. I still feel good from today's run -- I'm glad to be getting back in the habit.
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