Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Cruise: Day Six (Key West)

Another busy day. I'm tired, not as tired as last night, but still tired. We docked in Key West today. I'm really glad to be at sea tomorrow -- it will be nice to relax again.

I got up at 0900 this morning and was on the track by 0915. Two and a quarter miles in thirty minutes even. I'm feeling better about this running every day. I'm not near ready to commit yet, but I'm giving more and more consideration to running the Marine Corps Marathon this year instead of next. Sign-ups aren't for a few months, which will be enough time for me to build up to 10+ mile runs, so I can decide then. I've made a lot of progress in the three weeks since I started running, but I want to make sure that I'll be able to continue that progress when the distances get longer.

After my run, I headed up to Deck Ten and got a waffle. I walked around a bit looking for yarbiedoll, ccohoon, olga_ukraine, or my parents. I didn't see any of them, so I just enjoyed my waffle by myself. When I got back to the stateroom, yarbiedoll was just getting ready to go upstairs for breakfast, so I joined her. She got an omelet and I got some bacon, cold cuts, and a danish.

We headed back to the stateroom for a little bit and yarbiedoll took a nap while I walked around a bit. I grabbed my book and headed up to the dance room early. I ended up running into ccohoon and olga_ukraine, so we chatted a bit while waiting for the lesson to start. Today's lesson was the swing. It's fun -- a lot like some of the dances I learned in college, so I ended up getting it confused with some of the stuff I already knew.

After the dance lesson, we headed back to the stateroom to wait for them to call us to clear immigration and border patrol (since we were coming back to Key West). After a little bit, we joined up with everyone else and headed up to Deck Ten to wait for them to call us. Once we were called, we headed down to Deck Five and let people swipe our key cards, look at our passports, and punch the passports with a special punch to indicate that we've cleared immigration. It was pretty quick and smooth.

Then we headed ashore and kicked around in Key West for a few hours. We ended up picking up a few geocaches -- a virtual and a webcam (thanks to eagle243 for the assist on that one). yarbiedoll picked up a few shells. We picked up some Cuban food. We enjoyed watching the street performers perform. It was pretty neat to be back in Key West, where we spent some of our honeymoon.

Then, it was time to get back on the ship. We had barely settled into our stateroom when ccohoon and olga_ukraine invited us to dessert. Of course we agreed to go! After dessert, we headed up to the crew's talent show, which was very entertaining. The finale was called "Fountain" and consisted of members of the crew spitting water on each other like a fountain while an Enya song played in the background.

After the show, I decided to hunker down to bed -- busy day at sea tomorrow, you know! Just as I stared writing this, I heard yarbiedoll and my parents chatting outside in the hall, so I joined them for a bit. Now I'm back, and I've finished writing this entry.

It's time for bed. Maybe I'll run for an hour tomorrow.

Looks like that's all I wrote while on vacation. Maybe I'll get around to a re-cap of the last couple of days -- getting off the ship, hanging out in Charleston, etc. Probably not, though -- I'm so behind.
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