Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Confederate Memorial Day

Yesterday's observation of Confederate Memorial day was cool. It was about thirty minutes long and featured an invocation, pledges of allegiance, recitation of some poetry, presentation of a wreath, various remarks, honor salute, singing of Dixie and a benediction. All told, it was rather moving.

The observation took place in Greensboro's Green Hill Cemetery, where there is a monument for 300 unknown Confederate soldiers who are buried in the cemetery. The monument is on a slight mound, and I'm guessing that it marks a mass grave. There were probably about forty people who showed up for the observation.

I took pictures. I'll probably never get around to doing any photo editing other than the cropping I did on those last night, so go ahead and check out the gallery I uploaded this morning. I particularly like the close-up of one of the flags that I included in this post, the honor salute, where I managed to capture several shots before the smoke from the guns dissipated (yay "sports" mode!), and the statue with the flag over the shoulder.

All told, it was an evening well-spent.
Tags: csa, photography, scv, war between the states

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