Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Michael C. Hardy Talks At Our SCV Meeting

Michael C. Hardy was the guest speaker at our SCV meeting tonight. He spoke about the Battle of Hanover Court House, about which he has recently written a book. The talk was very interesting and I look forward to reading more about the battle soon. Whenever I go visit my family in Maryland, I drive close to where the battle took place. One of these visits, I'm going to have to take an educational detour and visit the site of the battle.

I also picked up a copy of Hardy's Remembering North Carolina's Confederates, which has already helped fill in the holes for some of the Civil War waymarks I've created (the memorials in Edenton and Tarboro). Thumbing through the rest of this book has already been a great joy -- I really look forward to reading it and examining the photographs in detail.

After the meeting, I chatted with Hardy for a bit, specifically talking about monuments in Eastern NC. He said that he's working on a second volume for Remembering North Carolina's Confederates, and that he'll be including more from Eastern NC in that volume. I'm already looking forward to that.

I'm also going to enjoy following Hardy's blog and reading about the research he's doing for upcoming books.
Tags: books, csa, history, scv, war between the states, waymarking

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