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Well, I hiked the Nat Greene Trail from one end to the other. It's reported as under 4 miles, but with my side trips for geocaches (including a detour on the Lake Brandt Greenway) and a little back-tracking a few times, I manged to make it a 6.31 mile trip, in just about 4 hours. I think I picked up four caches that I hadn't previously found. I also got more information on 2 multi-caches that I haven't found. For one of them, the next stage simply wasn't convenient to the trail I was on, so I'll pick it up another time when I'm on another trail. For the other, I'm going to have to do some geometry to figure out where the final cache is. I didn't have the time to do the geometry on the trail, with the tools I had available, so I pressed on to make sure I'd make it to the car before it got dark. So I'll do the geometry later tonight or tomorrow and go pick up that one next time I'm on the trail again.

It was a good workout. I think I'm going to officially call it the resumption of my marathon training. I didn't do any running, so I'll call it a walk day. I've already got my running shoes and socks out -- I need to find my shorts -- so I'll be able to get up tomorrow morning and go out, no excuses (unless I oversleep). My back didn't bother me at all during my hike today, even with a somewhat uncomfortable daypack on.

Allrighty. Time for a shower, some food, and to do enough laundry so that I have something to wear to work tomorrow.

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