Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Marathon Training: A 2 Mile Walk

As promised, I resumed my marathon training in earnest this morning. I had a few things going against me -- I stayed up too late last night, I overslept, and I am somewhat sore from yesterday's geocaching. It would have been real easy to skip today.

Discipline. I said I'd do it, so I made myself get up and do it.

It was my easy routine: a two mile walk. It took me 33 minutes to do it. I practically swam through it -- it's so humid. It was good to be back on the greenway again, though.

As far as how my body felt: I'm definitely out of shape again -- the walk had me breathing hard by the end. It's going to be a slow climb back up to where I was three months ago -- still out of shape, but not completely embarrassing so. My back didn't hurt at all during the walk. It let me know that there was something going on a few times, but I'd classify it as discomfort, not pain. I was also reminded that my right ankle is weak. I don't know how long it's been weak -- for the past several years, I always remember kinda having to "baby" it as I walk/hike/run. Again, no pain, just a feeling of weakness. I don't think I've mentioned it before, so I'm mentioning it now just in case it gets better or worse while I continue my training -- it'll be nice to have some sort of record that I've known it was weak for a while.

I looked at my training log. It's effectively been three months since I've trained. Two months ago, I had three days of training, but I'm not counting them since I just let it drop. But that was when the doctor gave me the OK to resume my training. It's embarrassing that I waited two months to resume. And, with only one day of training under my belt now, it's somewhat optimistic to think that I've really resumed my training. Check back in a couple of weeks and see if I'm still training.

Anyway, a fun walk. I saw a duck flying, which was pretty cool. Time for me to take a shower and head to work.
Tags: ankle, back, health, injury, marathon

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