Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon


Some of you have been asking me about the script I use to post my Twitter Tweets to LiveJournal ("friends"-protected entry). It's based on a pretty simple script that I created by combining two similar scripts, one by greck ( and the other by maeglin73 ( I've received permission from both of the authors to share their work, so here's the script I use:

Take the script, rename it to "", replace TWITTER_USER, TWITTER_PASS, LJ_USER, and LJ_PASS with your username(s) and passwords. Set it up via cron (or some other scheduling application) to run at 23:59 each evening.

Yes, I'm running it from my Mac (which is Unix-based). Yes, it will probably run on Windows. No, I don't know how. If anyone uses this or something similar on Windows, feel free to leave a comment here so others can benefit from the knowledge.
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