Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

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“Good morning LiveJournal, it is Dr Mellow(?) I am on my way to Guildford Court House National Military Park, take place in the Independent Day celebrations to honor the founders(?) of the declarations of independence, 2 of whom are buried in the park. Looks like it's gonna be a great time, they have activities they have park tour, they have signing of the declarations of independence, they're having a ___ ceremony, they have a 5 man drum(?) team. They are gonna be suited in a 6 pounder piece of artillery later this afternoon which I'm very much looking forward to, great Independence Day, beautiful weather lots of fun. Looking forward to it. So Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends & Happy Wed Jul 4th to anybody else. Y'all take care. Bye.”

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