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Bike Ride, Cache Maintenance

After spending some time at the office this afternoon, I hit the trails on my bike to do some cache maintenance and cross-training. The cache maintenance went great. I even found a deer antler.

My bike riding, on the other hand, left a bit to be desired. I'm definitely glad I went out on the bike -- I put in about 4.5 miles, a little more than half on a trail, with the rest being on a paved greenway. It was good cross-training after yesterday's run. While my running seems to concentrate on my calves, my bike riding worked my thighs more. I don't think today's bike ride will have an impact on my post-run recovery -- I should be in great shape to go on tomorrow's run. On the way back, I came within four feet of hitting a deer. I didn't see her until I was practically right on top of her. Fortunately, she stayed off the trail, so it wasn't a problem. It was pretty cool. This is the first time I've taken my bike (a hybrid, not a true mountain bike) on a real trail. I really liked it, but I can see how having a bike with suspension would be very helpful. Still, I'm happy with my bike, 'cause I hope to start riding it to work again, and doing that a lot on a true mountain bike wouldn't be a great idea.

The down side of today's ride were the two falls that I took. Being the first time I was on a trail, I really didn't know how to handle all the obstacles that a trail throws at you. This is a great trail for bikes -- well maintained, and where there are obstructions on the trail (downed trees, e.g.), they are appropriately notched down and reinforced with other sticks, creating a sort of ramp on each side of the log. So, really, the obstacles are supposed to be challenging, but not impossible. Well, I saw that first little log coming up and I was really excited to do my first "mountain bike trick" so I headed right for it....

...going too fast.

I think I would have gone over the handlebars had I not had my clipless pedals on the bike. Instead, I just kinda fell off to the left and forward. I'm OK, just got a scratch on my leg. But the fall broke the lanyard I use for my GPSr, broke the stiff part of my fork bag, and knocked my handlebars out of alignment. The lanyard's no big deal. Neither is the bag. And neither were the handlebars -- I was able to twist them back in line. I spent a few minutes checking the bike out and reassembling everything, and then hit the trail again.

A little farther down the trail, I ran into my next obstacle. This time, I at least got the front wheel over the log before falling down. Again, no real big deal. My seat was twisted a bit, but it was easy to twist back. After that, I decided that I would definitely make sure that my shoes weren't clipped in when I came across other obstacles. In the future, I might put my regular pedals on the bike instead of using the clipless pedals. I'll probably try the clipless again, though, and just be more careful.

On the way back, I was able to mount the obstacles without a problem. I'm learning.

Really, it was a lot of fun to be on the trails with this bike. I don't know how it happened, but it seems like it was downhill both ways! I guess I was just having so much fun that the uphills didn't bother me.

My leg muscles feel great. I can't wait to take them on tomorrow's run. I'm a little worried about my knees. I think one (or both?) of my falls included hitting my knees. They're a little sore. I think I'm just looking at a few bruises, though, nothing that will interfere with the mechanics of how my knees work. I hope so, anyway. I guess I'll find out tomorrow after a couple of miles of running....

On the way home, I stopped by another quick geocache.
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