Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Running Milestone: Longest Run Without A Walk Break

I hit another milestone on this morning's run -- the longest I've run without a walk break. Usually, my pattern is to run a mile, walk a minute. I'm using one of Jeff Galloway's books to help guide my training, and he's a big proponent of walk breaks. The program's been working very well for me, and it's a big reason that I've been able to increase my long runs comfortably.

In preparation for Saturday's 5K, I wanted to make sure I could run 5K without stopping for a walk break, so I ran my entire 3.35 miles today without a walk break. The first mile was tough, but once I was warmed up, the rest of it went very well.

My short runs will all probably be free of walk breaks from now on.

Still feeling great about it!
Tags: health, running

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