Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

I Keep Running

I had a pretty good long run this weekend, even though it was technically a failed run. I was aiming for twelve miles on Saturday morning, but I ran out of water and steam after about nine and a half. I walked the rest of the way to ten miles, but then called for a ride. Still, I'm glad to have done the ten -- that's what I did two weeks ago. Last week should have been six miles, but I only did a little more than three, since I ran in the 5K.

So, technically a failed run. But I learned a lot:
  • I need to refill my water bottle whenever I have the chance to do so. My run was supposed to consist of running from the house on the river to town and back. I could have topped off my water bottle in any of a number of places when I was in town, but I didn't.
  • It really is harder to run in the heat. I was running in an area that didn't have as much shade as I was used to. The sun just kept beating down on me. I didn't notice it at first, but by the end of the run, I was definitely feeling it.
  • Fresh black asphalt is hot. There were no trails, or even sidewalks, to run on, so most of my run was on the road. Including a long stretch of freshly laid down asphalt. By the time I quit, I could feel the heat of the asphalt through my shoes.
  • Running through tall grass is difficult. Running on the road, I had to get off the road every now and then because of oncoming traffic. Running through tall grass is difficult.
  • Running with a cell phone is a great idea. I'm really glad I was able to call my mother to come pick me up when I ran out of steam. Yes, I could have walked the two miles back to the house, but it was much more comfortable to get that ride.
  • Know when to pack it in. Yes, I probably could have finished my run -- including some running instead of just walking back. But I was beat, and I knew it. Pushing myself was probably just asking for injuries, or asking for discouragement. I'm not ashamed that I cut my run short.
  • Be consistent. I skipped last Wednesday's run. Combined with not doing a longish run last Saturday, I was surely off my game. It's not just about making the long runs. I need to make the short ones, too.
I probably learned more, but those are the highlights that I remember.

Monday's short run (3.7 miles) was much better. Today's run (3.4 miles) was pretty good -- once I started. I really, really, really came close to skipping the run today. I finally dragged myself out of bed and hit the pavement. The first mile was seeming to confirm that I should have stayed in bed. But, after that, it picked up and became fun again. The weather was perfect -- cloudy, and cool enough.

This Saturday is scheduled for six miles. I'll try twelve again the week after that.
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