Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

I'm Getting in Shape

All the running I've been doing lately is really starting to pay off.

I didn't take my bike out of my truck when I got home last night. When I went to do that today, I decided to go on another ride. I ended up doing 13 miles!

I headed down the greenway near our house to the hospital on Friendly. On my way back toward the house, I realized that I took the couple of hills on the greenway without really thinking about it. I couldn't do that a couple of months ago.

When I got back home, I didn't really want to quit, so I decided to try to bike to my office without getting on any big roads for very long. Thank goodness for my GPSr! It kept trying to take me to some major roads (even though I told it to pick the best route for a bicycle), but every time I ignored it, it kept recalculating. Eventually, we came to a compromise. It ran out of nearby big roads to steer me towards, and let me take smaller roads until I got real close to the office. I think I'll try using that route for a bit and see how it works during the week. My biggest concern is crossing Cone. We'll see.

I got home and sprayed my bike down pretty good, knocking yesterday's mud off of it. I should really clean the chain and see about making some minor adjustments to the brakes and derailleur to make it a bit more efficient. I'm almost sure I need to get a new inner tube for the rear wheel. I seem to have a slow leak that I can't find. I'd like to avoid taking it to the shop for a "tune-up" -- I attended a free "basic bike maintenance" class at REI a few weeks ago, so I think I can do most of what needs to be done. The only thing I don't think I can do is true the wheels. And I think they might need truing, 'cause they both rub against the brake at a certain point of their rotation. I'll work on the rest of the stuff and see about getting my wheels trued (if they need it) later.

If I can get up early enough, I think I might try riding my bike to work tomorrow. Eh, no, I'll probably wait 'till Tuesday -- I'm not sure I want to throw in a bike ride to work after my training run just yet. After yesterday's activities, I'm sure I can take it, but I'd rather just start up with one thing at a time. Plus, that will give me a chance to get an inner tube tomorrow afternoon.

Allright, I guess I'll get the rest of the stuff out of the truck, take a shower, do my laundry, and work on cleaning up the clutter I've allowed to accumulate around the house over the past few weeks.
Tags: biking, health

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