Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Bob Dylan Endorses Dr. Mellow For President

I was going to wait until we switched our clocks back in November to start publicizing my write-in candidacy for President of the United States. Since one of my major platform planks is the elimination of Daylight Saving Time, I thought that would be an appropriate weekend.

However, I'm moving up the schedule because of some exciting news. Bob Dylan has endorsed me for president!

So, with this endorsement, I felt it was critical to start getting my message out now. I'm pro-Fair Tax, I'm anti-DST, and I'm anti-histamine. If you're not finding yourself well represented by any of the candidates that have announced so far, go ahead and plan on voting for me. You'll be glad you did.
Tags: drmellow for president

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