Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Daylight-Saving Causes Twin Arrival Pickle

Now, according to, DST is going to be blamed for sibling rivalry:
Daylight-Saving Causes Twin Arrival Pickle
Cary — Everyone knows the pecking order in a family has everything to do with age. The oldest sibling usually rules the roost. But what if you get cheated out of the title because of Daylight Saving Time?

Peter Sullivan Cirioli was dubbed "Baby A" at WakeMed Cary when he arrived early Sunday morning.

“Yes, Peter was born first, it was at 1:32 a.m.,” mother Laura Cirioli said.

Thirty-four minutes later, Peter's twin sister, Allison Raye Cirioli, known as "Baby B," made her entrance into the world.

Because of Daylight Saving Time, Allison's time of birth was 1:06 a.m., which makes her 26 minutes older than her brother even though he was born first.

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I'm telling you, people, DST is just more trouble than it's worth. Elect me President and I will rid our nation of this pox once and for all.

Hat tip to carrie.
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