Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

I Got A Ham Radio

One of the things about Atlanta that I took advantage of yesterday is the fact that there is a retail store for HRO. After attending a beautiful baptism yesterday, I headed up to the store and looked around.

Wow. It must be neat to be a Ham in Atlanta and be able to actually go look at the equipment in the store instead of just looking at catalogs and/or internet pages about it.

After spending some time browsing around, I picked up what I came to get: an Icom 91-AD. One of my friends has this radio and likes it and it's an HT that will be able to serve me well for years and years to come.

I finally finished through reading the owner's manual this morning. I might have understood about half of it. But I figured it out enough to be able to listen to a few of the repeaters and even make a short D-Star contact via one of the repeaters.

I think yarbiedoll agreed to drive back home, so I'll be able to play with the radio on the drive. That'll be fun!
Tags: ham radio

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