Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Praise and Worship Service: Success

Not much time to update, but I wanted to note that yesterday's Praise and Worship service went off very well. Someone counted, there were over 100 in attendance. Technically, there was very little in the way of glitches. No, it wasn't perfect, but I wasn't expecting it to be perfect. It went great.

Lots of the worshipers were members that I've seen at the other 11:00 service, and I heard that attendance at the traditional service was low yesterday. I suspect a lot of that was curiosity and will die down in a few weeks. We'll have a real idea about what attendance will be like after we've had a month or so of services, I think. I've also heard some people saying that they are inviting friends and neighbors who aren't generally interested in traditional services. That's what we're really hoping for, so I hope that works out.

Anyway, it's really exciting, but I'm generally too busy to write much more about it.
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