Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

New Highway Historical Marker in Greensboro

In yesterday's paper, there was an article by Jim Schlosser about a new Highway Historical Marker that is planned to be dedicated in Greensboro later this month:

Greensboro's first law school? Elon? Nope
MONDAY, JAN. 14, 2008 3:00 AM

The state is about to honor a Greensboro law school, and it's not Elon University's on South Greene Street.

A state highway historical marker will be dedicated downtown late this month commemorating the Dick and Dillard Law School, also known as the Greensboro Law School.

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It was an interesting article, and I was very excited to hear that a new highway marker is being added in Greensboro, and to actually hear about it before it was dedicated, so that I might be able to attend the dedication. Unfortunately, the article gave no specifics about when and where the dedication would be -- it just said late this month.

I sent Schlosser an email telling him that I would be very interested in attending the dedication and was disappointed that specifics of the time of the dedication were left out of his article. I also briefly explained my interest in historical markers as it relates to waymarking, and pointed him to a list of the (currently 92) NC Highway Historical Markers that I have already catalogued on

I was happy to receive a reply a few hours later, indicating that Schlosser would do a follow up later when he had time. He was also interested in the waymarking project and said that he might want to talk with me about it sometime. That would be pretty neat -- and perhaps a good way to get waymarking some more exposure.

I guess I'll have to keep an eye on the paper for he next few weeks, looking for the follow up. It'll be hard to remember to do that since we don't actually get the paper and the only reason I saw the article in the first place was because I noticed it on the front page when I saw a copy of the paper at lunch yesterday.

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