Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busyish Weekend

It's been a bit of a busy weekend. Mostly relaxing. Of course, I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I hoped/planned. Really, looking at my plans, I didn't get anything checked off my list except getting half my laundry washed.

I really need to get some stuff straightened around the house. I've got a handful of piles all over the place. It's way past time to get them consolidated, sorted through, and organized. That was my main plan for the weekend, but I really didn't make any progress on that.

Yesterday, in the process of cleaning the kitchen and doing dishes, I noticed a puddle of water being created on the floor as the dishwasher ran. I investigated it enough to determine that it wasn't the dishwasher. Instead, it was the garbage disposal, which had rusted through in one place. So, off to Home Depot I go to buy a replacement.

Oh, wait. Before that, I went to church mid-afternoon to help set up for today's Praise Band. But we couldn't set up, 'cause the hall was being used for a supper yesterday evening. No one called me to let me know that we wouldn't be able to set up 'till after supper, so that was a bit of a kink in the afternoon. Oh, well.

After not setting up for Praise Band, I headed downtown to get a library card. The downtown library is really cool. I didn't spend much time there -- I really just wanted to get a card and pick up a ham-related book. But I think I'll go spend more time down there in the future.

Anyway, I did a bit more messing around the house when I got back. That's when I noticed the problem with the disposal. I didn't have enough time to disconnect the old disposal before heading back to church for Praise Band set-up, but I made a bit of progress. I swung by the Home Depot to get a replacement before heading to church. Set-up went pretty quickly, and I headed back home to finish the disposal replacement. That went pretty easy. I went to bed tired.

I overslept this morning, so I didn't make it out to early church. When I got to Sunday School, I ran into a couple of other people from the band. They told me that the other guitarist was sick, and wouldn't make it in this morning. Oh, well. We've got two guitars, we can do it. Oh, wait -- I really just play back-up. The other guitarist plays lead, and a couple of the songs today really featured him. A couple of people were thinking we should switch out some of the songs. Someone asked me if I could play the lead parts. I shrugged -- maybe. With yarbiedoll still under the weather, we were down a vocalist, too, which made it even that much more challenging.

We had some time to run through everything a bit. I played lead and it worked out OK. So that's what we did. All in all, it was OK -- it definitely would have been better with the full band -- but it was OK.

I had the full afternoon to do the cleaning I had planned, but I fell asleep during the race. After waking up, I never really recovered. I've just been sluggish all day. I did manage to finish cleaning up the kitchen and do about half my laundry, though, so that's something.

It's pretty late, and I really want to resume my running schedule tomorrow morning, so I'm heading to bed.
Tags: chores, church, praise band, running

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