Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Sermon: Can I Get A Witness?

I've been really busy with some unexpected situations the past few weeks, which is the main reason I didn't write a new sermon from scratch for this past Sunday. Instead, I reworked a sermon I preached back in 2002 titled "Can I Get A Witness?"

I'm just going to link to where I put it online back then instead of reproducing the reworked version here. It was great that we were already planning on singing a version of "Amazing Grace," so the references I made to that song were still relevant this weekend. The main thing I had to change was where I made reference to "the terror events of last fall."

After church, a couple of people approached me independently with the same compliment -- they really liked how my sermons are laid out in a linear fashion that are easy to follow. I told them that I'm a computer guy -- that's the way I think. The compliments both came from schoolteachers, who probably appreciate an organized presentation even more than I do.

I'm preaching again in a few weeks, on June 8. I'll have a brand new sermon for then.
Tags: church, p&w, preaching, sermons

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