Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

The Intentional Jesus Visits Your 40 Minute Worship Music Set

Michael Spencer has recently moved his active bloging from to Jesus Shaped Spirituality and has begun blogging in the new location. He's got a great post today titled The Intentional Jesus Visits Your 40 Minute Worship Music Set. I love the way he puts this:

I don’t think anything like today’s music dominated evangelical worship service is remotely on Jesus’ menu for creating disciples. I think we’ve badly missed the boat on that one and the kind of disciples the American church is producing shows that we’re producing passive consumers of church culture, not Kingdom agents living out their faith in the Gospel of the King.

Now, what we’ll experience at this point in our flight is the turbulence caused by that moment when bunches of you say “Yes, but….” at the same time.

Read more....

The whole essay is really good food for thought. I wonder if I should point it out to the Praise & Worship Team at church....
Tags: p&w, worship

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